A&B Computing

Xor Designer

Author: Dave Reeder
Publisher: Logotron
Machine: BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in A&B Computing 4.08

Xor Designer

The Xor would expands in a very welcome manner with this Designer, the first of several Xor projects under consideration by Logotron.

You all remember Xor, of course. Uniquely previewed as a free disc on the cover of A&B, the maze game with a difference has already intrigued many of you with its bizarre world of exploding chickens and free-falling fish.

This, as you might expect, is a fairly standard maze editor, rather similar in feel and easy of use to that included in Repton 3. However, as bonus, there are another couple of new mazes included and the package is as friendly to use as you might expect.

Xor Designer

Given an icon-driven system, you can either choose to create or edit new mazes, or else play about with the icon sets - to start you thinking one of the new mazes uses traffic cones and road signs as the icons.

Creating a maze is simplicity itself - just select the icon you require, move it into position on the map and so on. Nice touches include a printer dump, a facility to save your designs and several build-in controls to stop you including the wrong number of heroes, doors, maps, etc.

As a package this is excellent and all lovers of Xor will be wise to complete their collection. We're eager here at A&B to see any examples of your new mazes and are working quite closely with Logotron to try and ensure that the best do see a wider audience.

If only all games allowed you to edit them at will...!

Dave Reeder

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