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By M And M
BBC Model A & B

Published in A&B Computing 1.04

Konexion is a good reproduction of the popular "Connect 4" game. One can only play against the computer. Using the left and right cursors and the space bar you drop coloured counters into a grid seven columns across by six down, and they pile up in each column. The ultimate goal is to form a straight line of four counters in any direction, vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The player is greeted by an instruction sheet and an invitation to start the game. The scores are then displayed whilst a tune plays. The computer makes its moves quickly, but this does not lead to a lack of strategy. In fact, it can clearly see more than one move ahead; if it knows it can't win it gets most upset! Even so, it does miss some obvious moves and gives away games, but such occasions are few and far between. In general it plays a very challenging game.

If the computer wins, it is clearly delighted: it plays "The sun has got his hat on!" If it loses ... well, see for yourself! When each game is over the score is displayed and another game starts.

The graphics are as good as a game of this type allows although the counters could have been a little less angular. The actual counters even fall into their places rather than just appear, and this serves to add a touch of realism to the game.

The sounds are rather dull, being limited to bleeps and bloops, but then again there is not much scope for sounds in this game.

The program is well written in BASIC and is fully self-contained. I would have preferred to see more than one skill level offered, as I feel a beginner may be put off by the computer's good play: it beats me nearly every time!

Summary: A good family game - a welcome break from the "kill the aliens" theme.

Dave Reeder

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