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World Globe/Stargazer
By Eclipse
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #18

World Globe/Stargazer

Just two of a series of tapes from Eclipse, who seem to have bent towards the planets and stars. The first of these tapes is World Globe. Written in machine code for the 48K Spectrum it draws the world globe in hi-res graphics as seen from outer space and gives you the ability to rotate it. It also holds a list of 240 locations such as cities, rivers and outer important features such as oceans, monuments, etc. After choosing one of these features the computer then draws the globe in one and a half seconds and a flashing cursor will pinpoint it. By choosing a co-ordinate (longitude and latitude) you can also pinpoint anywhere on the globe.

The second tape is Stargazer which looks the other way towards the heavens. A fairly comprehensive program which plots 34 constellations containing over 340 stars. It will also tell you what phase and position the moon will be in at any hour between the years 1950 and 2000. There is also a quiz and learning program to help you. The program holds a large database containing facts about the stars such as colour, size and distance from the Earth.

If you are a budding astronomer I think you will find this a very useful tape to have. Eclipse produce a range of tapes such as Meteor Shows, Planetarium, Halley's Comet, Messier List and The Cosmos.

The two tapes I looked at will cost you £6.95 each and all tapes from Eclipse are written for the 48K Spectrum.

Clive Smith

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