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Copper Hopper
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #18

Copper Hopper

A nice little arcade game written for the 48K Spectrum, Copper Hopper is a little on the lines of Manic Miner but with four levels. You are Ron the Con who has been put in jail, and the object is to escape. This is done by collecting keys before the copper can catch you. On screen there are four floor levels which can be reached by a series of ladders. Along each floor is a series of holes which you can fall through, and hanging on the ceiling are the keys which you have to jump up and catch. You can only jump to the right and ascend the ladders. The coppers are constantly walking along the various floors to get you, though it is possible to jump over the top of them.

As well as being able to jump to avoid the coppers, there are sausages (I thought it odd too) hanging up, and if you jump and reach one, all of the coppers will disappear for a short while.

You have the choice of using keyboard control or a Kempston joystick. Cost is just £2.99, as the game is part of ESP's budget range.

Clive Smith

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