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Home Computing Weekly

Words And Pictures
By Chalksoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

Educational programs are progressing by leaps and bounds and this program is one of the rare yet growing number of good packages for the infant or pre-school age range. The aim of the program is to improve sight vocabulary by teaching children the meaning of a word using pictures. There are five programs, a menu and two programs each for the two wordsets.

The Words program introduces a word and shows four pictures. The child moves the arrow until the correct picture is pointed out and then presses the return key. Interest and rewards are provided by the frogs who populate the program and the tune that is played. You can select a teacher's record table and enter all the children's names at one sitting, which means that they only have to remember how to use two keys. The Sents program presents the same words but in sentences for the child to read. The manual is well-written and very comprehensive. My only criticism is that the words don't apply to any particular reading scheme.


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