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Home Computing Weekly

By BBCSoft/BBC Publications
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

This program is well bred and from noble stock. Commissioned by the BBC and with exercises by Pitmans, you'd expect a high quality product and it certainly is.

The aim is to teach you to touch type and, while it hasn't, yet, broken my two fingered habits, it has certainly improved my awareness of their inadequacy.

The package contains the main program, over 20 exercises and a 53-page book too.

In use, the screen displays a representation of the keyboard and the target phrase, word or exercise to be typed.

As you attempt to copy the target the key you should be pressing is illuminated and the letters you have typed appear under the phrase.

The program scores you for speed and accuracy and has so many options the mind reels with the possibilities. You can change the display, the sound, the colours, almost everything in fact.

This leads to one of my two, very minor, criticisms. The number of options is just too vast for anyone to really need. Secondly, the program won't teach the layout of text on a page.

If you are serious about learning to type, you should learn very well with this package and should then be able to go on to learn the other typing skills without too much trouble.


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