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Your Sinclair

William Wobbler
By Wizard Computer Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #3

William Wobbler

Would I like a Willy Wobbler, Ed asked. Tell me, do I look that sort of a girl? Then he handed me the cassette and all became obvious. William Wobbler is the oversized sprite hero that bears Tony Crowther's monicker on the cover, but cites two others inside - trying to escape the blame somebody?

Well no, to be fair, William Wobbler, a sort of scrotty looking E.T. type with an irritating habit of nodding his head up and down, ain't that bad. It's just that it looks like what it is - a conversion that hasn't translated too well.

For a start there are awful attribute problems and what may have been a rather nice landscape is less enticing that watching Burnley on a wet Saturday. It's also the very devil to pick things up calling for ludicrously accurate positioning considering the size of your Willy. If you miss you bounce around because fire is also used for Jump. Reactions seemed slow, especially when ducking to avoid the low flying monkeys!

In its favour though it does look different to the average arcade adventure. There are a few nice touches, such as the necessity to find a disk and take it to a terminal before you can Save the game. And if you get bored, pressing Break transports you to a minimal shoot 'em up diversion. But while arc-ad addicts may persist in the quest, I just got p*ssed off.

Rachael Smith

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