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Amstrad Action

War Zone
By Cases Computer Simulations
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

War Zone

A battle is about to take place on a nine sector area composed of 900 grid squares. Your force of between 15 and 150 units has to take on the computer's identical power in a fight for supremacy.

The screen can display any sector with your forces in it and this shows the terrain features of plainland, hills, roads, woodland and minefields. These affect the movement potential of your units and also their ability to attack. Artillery and tank units can fire at enemy units in range and out of cover while infantry units can move fact and engage adjacent units.

Good News

P. Long tactical battles are possible.
P. Instructions and options are limited to necessities.

Bad News

N. The computer's turn can leave you with long periods with nothing to do.
N. More knowledge of units fighting strength would be nice.