War Cars Construction Set

Author: Nick Roberts
Publisher: Firebird
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #46

War Cars Construction Set

Remember your days of model-car racing, when Dad trod accidentally on the carefully-laid track on the carpet, Mum thought it all made too much noise and the dog did himself irreparable intestinal damage by eating up a car?

Well, forget them - now you can chase an opponent's vehicle around a racetrack, in hot pursuit along a series of roadways full of angularities and doglegs. all shown in bird's-eye view.

The cars' positions are shown on an overall map, and the area immediately around you is displayed on a split upper screen.

You can block an opponent ' s route by releasing a boulder, and along the chaseways are flags which can be collected by touch and are worth at least 100 points each.

Should the established track's attraction ever pall, then you can create up to five others by manipulating roadway sections on a design screen.


Joysticks: Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: jerky but distinctive
Sound: good 128K tune,
Options: the construction set is good, though a little difficult

Ben ... 68%

'War Cars is incredibly simple but extremely compelling - to begin with. The appeal starts to wear off when you realise that the maze layout doesn't change once you've collected your six flags; it's a good thing there's a roadway designer or War Cars would get really boring.'

Nick ... 50%

'War Cars has the looks, sounds and ideas of the same authors One Man And His Droid and other such games, the only important difference being that here you can construct your own roads. The screen display is neatly set out and the roads overlap nicely, but the title screen is a mite overcrowded and the scrolling menus make it worse.'

Nick RobertsBen Stone

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