Home Computing Weekly

Vampire Castle

Author: M.B.
Publisher: Micrograf
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

In this terrifying adventure you live in a small village among peace loving simple country folk. When cattle are brutally slaughtered, a villager mysteriously disappears, and others are woken be eerie organ music and blood curdling screams in the middle of the night, you are volunteered to seek out and destroy the culpable Drac.

Two-word instructions and directions enable you to enter and explore the nearby castle. Remember, one false move and you're just another body for Drac to get his teeth into.

The game includes Mode 7 graphics and plays a tune while loading.

Vampire Castle

Adequate instructions are given inside the cover, and more appear after loading. The instructions set the scenario well but I would have preferred a more detailed list of useable verbs.

The game does include a "save present position" option, standard in most adventures. This saves a lot of unnecessary typing the next time you play.

Overall it is not too difficult. Who knows, eventually you might get to meet Dracula.


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