A&B Computing

Typing Tutor

Author: Peter Rochford
Publisher: Willow
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.05

Typing Tutor is a program designed to teach a novice how to touch type correctly. It is also designed for those who wish to improve their typing speed and includes many types of self-test.

The program is supplied with a seventeen page manual which is well-written and contains plenty of information to help the beginner.

Starting with simple repetition exercises, the program progresses to provide an introduction to all the keys on the keyboard and finally to the typing of quite long passages of text.

There are thirty separate tests in the program that are all selected from a manual. The Beeb's Mode 7 is used throughout and excellent use is made of colour and teletext graphics. As you are presented with a letter to type, the key is highlighted on a screen keyboard which means there is no need to look at the computer keyboard. I found this very good indeed.

I have only one moan about this program and that is, once a test is started there is no means of aborting it until it is completed. That aside, Typing Tutor is really excellent and the best of its kind I have seen for any home micro, not just the BBC. Highly recommended.

Peter Rochford

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