Home Computing Weekly

Tunnels Of Doom
By Texas Instruments

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

This graphics adventure cartridge comes complete with lengthy manual and a cassette containing data for the games Pennies And Prizes and Quest Of The King.

The former is intended as a demonstration of the latter, but is also described as suitable for younger children.

Both programs have been recorded twice on separate sides of the tape - just as well since one copy of Quest Of The King failed to load.

In both games, you must explore dungeons and corridors. The objective in Pennies And Prizes is simply to collect specific items and plenty of pennies.

On the third time of playing this, the character display for my traveller changed to a series of disjointed dots. Quitting and trying again had the same, very weird, effect.

Fortunately, the same bugs don't appear to be in Quest Of The King, which is a far more involved and entertaining game. Here you control up to four travellers with individual personalities, from rogue to wizard, which determine their various capabilities.

Your quest is to first find the king, held captive by the monsters that roam the dungeons, then his orb of power, after which you may return to victory or continue the treasure hunt.


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