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Computer Gamer

Trivial Pursuit
By Domark
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #19

Trivial Pursuit

At last. The original, unadulterated, and only slightly abridged (in the same way the Genghis Khan was only slightly barbaric!) Trivial Pursuit.

The packaging is very similar to the original game in style and colouring, which makes it extremely identifiable on the shelves. In the package are minimal instructions - it assumes that you can play the game as there is no hint of how to for the uninitiated, and two tapes. On one tape is the game, the other contains the extra questions.

New 'Uniload' question packs will be available in the future, including Young Players, Genus II and Baby Boomer.

The game itself is a computer-moderated version of the parent game with added music and visual questions. The presentation and handling of the game is excellent and the little extras such as showing a room with a little character in it asking you the questions. The clock in the room is working, the level meters on the tape deck in the corner of the room really work (in stereo) when a music question is posed. Likewise, he pulls down a projection screen and dims the lights for a visual question.

An excellent game living up to the Trivial Pursuits ethos with some added dimensions as well.

With so much excellent software around this Christmas, it will be interesting to see who's number one. Perhaps...