Computer Gamer #19 (Spectrum 16K/48K/BBC A/BBC B/Electron/Dragon) -
Computer Gamer #19 (1986) (Spectrum 16K/48K/BBC A/BBC B/Electron/Dragon, Magazine) United Kingdom
Publisher: Argus Press
Argos | Argus Press | Argus Press PLC

Cover Art Language(s): English

Machine Compatibility: Dragon 32, BBC Model B, Acorn Electron, Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 16K, BBC Model A

Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order (Magazine Articles | Magazine Scans)

Compatible Emulators: XRoar 0.33.1 (PC (Windows))
BeebEm (PC (Windows))
Model B Emulator (PC (Windows))
Elkulator 1.0 (PC (Windows))
ZXSpin (PC (Windows))
Nutria (PC (MS-DOS))

Magazine Contents

Section Title Pages
Reviews The Inheritance (Infogrames) 12
Reviews L' Affaire Vera Cruz (Infogrames) 13
Reviews Beyond The Forbidden Forest (US Gold) 18
Reviews Psycastria (Audiogenic) 18
Reviews Impossible Mission (US Gold) 19
Reviews Who Dares Wins II (Alligata) 19
Reviews Danger Mouse In Making Whoopee (Creative Sparks) 19, 20
Reviews Kai Temple (Firebird) 20, 21
Reviews Submarine Commander (Sparklers) 20
Reviews Ghostbusters (Activision) 21, 22
Reviews Olli & Lissa (Firebird) 21
Reviews Rescue On Fractalus (Activision) 21
Reviews Jeep Command (Bug Byte) 22
Reviews Miami Vice (Ocean) 22, 23
Reviews Desmond's Dungeon (Sparklers) 23
Reviews Spiky Harold (Firebird) 23
Reviews Iridis Alpha (Llamasoft/Hewson) 24
Reviews Monty On The Run (Gremlin) 24
Reviews Pacific (PSS) 24, 25
Reviews Joust (Aardvark) 25
Reviews Parallax (Ocean) 25
Reviews Deactivators (Ariolasoft) 28, 29
Reviews Arcana (New Generation/Virgin) 36
Reviews Rebel Planet (US Gold) 36
Reviews Doors Of Doom (Amsoft/Gem) 37
Reviews Droids (Anglosoft) 37
Reviews Golden Path (Amsoft) 38
Reviews HRH (8th Day) 38
Reviews Moron (Atlantis) 38
Reviews The Trap Door (Piranha) 42, 43
Reviews Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future (Virgin) 50, 51, 52, 53, 54
Reviews Mindstone (The Edge) 58, 59
Reviews Nightmare Rally (Ocean) 62
Reviews Twin Pack (Audiogenic) 62
Reviews International Karate (Endurance Games) 63
Reviews Ninja (Entertainment USA) 63
Reviews Olympiad '86 (Atlantis) 63
Reviews Johnny Reb II (Lothlorien) 66
Reviews The Fourth Protocol (Century/Ariolasoft) 66
Reviews Desert Fox (US Gold) 67, 68
Reviews Tobruk (PSS) 67
Reviews Trivial Pursuit (Domark) 67
Reviews Collapse (Firebird) 68
Reviews Psi Chess (The Edge) 68

Magazine Information

Original Release Date: 1st Oct 1986
Original Release Price: Unknown
Market Valuation: £1.00 (How Is This Calculated?)
Weight Boxed: 124g

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