Personal Compuer Games

Time Zone

Author: Steven Filby
Publisher: Channel 8
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #13

Time Zone

Time Zone, which is basically an offshoot of Scramble, starts in the year 1561 when the dreaded Terrilon start an attack on Earth. These aliens can travel through time and take any form they wish. The object of the game is to clear them from several time zones.

The Terrilon have got quite an imagination! In the first screen they take the form of what appear to be pterodactyls and flying volcanos. When you have blasted your way through that screen, you're up against mutant pyramids and rockets. This is followed by killer castles, winged horses and almost indestructible arrows.

Next is probably the most amusing screen where you have to shoot down helicopters and UB40 forms above giant DHSS buildings.


Finally you are up against funny little space things. This is probably the most difficult screen, as the space things come from behind. Since you can't shoot behind you, it is almost impossible to avoid them.

Whatever form the Terrilon take, if they touch your craft, you lose a life.

The game has 20 levels, the first two of which are extremely easy. To get through the first few screens vou just have to keep your finger on the fire button.


However, the game gets extremely fast after this, since every time you complete five screens you go up a level. You have a generous five lives, and an extra one every time you go up a level. The graphics are reasonable but I can't comment on the music, as the advance review copy came without any; however the space sounds are good.

The telex type message, which says that you are going to be warped to another sector, is a nice touch.

Bob Wade

Hyper-zapping makes a comeback in this mixture of game ideas. Scrambling along the scrolling route you encounter Minter-like aliens to blast into their next reincarnation.


There was nothing very original here, but plenty of frenzied action to keep you busy. All the attack waves take similar forms and some show a helpful death-wish by flying into your lazer.

It may not stimulate the mind much, but we all like some mindless alien massacre once in a while.

Richard Patey

Time Zone is a well developed and adequate game that, unfortunately, left me a little less than satisfied. Maybe this was because it obviously owed many things to Jeff Minter's Revenge Of The Mutant Camels - the background stars and overall concept are similar.

For all its smooth animation and varied set of creatures, it is no more than a straight shoot-'em-up, with few frills at all. Even further levels bring only greater speed rather than different attackers.

Nevertheless, Time Zone is a nicely structured and mildly addictive game, despite poor keyboard control.

Steven Filby

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