Thrust II
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Thrust II

It's about six months ago that Firebird released Thrust, which became one of the best-selling budget games in the past year. Now, Firebird has done the inevitable, and released a sequel, Thrust II.

The game plays in virtually the same way, only the storyline has altered by any great means. For those among you who like a story with your games, here's the one for this game...

The Federal Resistance force has captured a small artificially-created planet, which they plan to use as a base for the next offensive against the Empire.

Thrust II

Unfortunately, the planet is covered with a red dust, which prevents life existing on the surface, and so you get the job of collecting some orbs from underground and bringing them back to the surface, to help purify the atmosphere.

To make your life even harder than it already is, the orbs are unstable, and will explode after a short period of time, and android guards inhabit the underground caves.

To complete the game, you need to collect 16 orbs in total, and then progress to another planet.

Thrust II

The graphics, sound, gameplay, and control methods are all virtually the same as the original, although this is slightly harder.

This means that the graphics are uninspiring, almost no sound, dull gameplay, and totally unresponsive controls!

Overall, if you liked the original, you may like this, otherwise steer clear even at two quids.