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Your Sinclair

The Transformers
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #3

The Transformers

They get everywhere these Transformers don't they? You've played with the toys, watched the cartoon on the telly and eaten the cereal. Now, in case you're feeling deprived, here's the computer game. Yes, it's yet another chance to control the five amazing autobots that transform instantly into cars in their amazing struggle against the evil Decepticons.

In Ocean's version, your task is to collect the four pieces of the Energon Cube before the baddies nick them. You control all five bots though only one at once - stop off at a Defensa Pod to recuperate and you can then switch to any of the other four - hardly Shadowfire! All the Decepticons are there, too, in minute detail but, unlike the toys, they reproduce at a fantastic rate in order to make the game a shoot'em-up more than anything else. It would be a platform and ladders clone with shooting but the ability of Autobots to fly/drive when necessary makes the platforms a bit redundant.

The game is slick but nothing new, the keyboard controls are awful and the cassette inlay diabolical; not your usual dashing Autobot prose at all. Strongly recommended for all remaining Transformer freaks everywhere. Personally, I'll stick to the real thing .. I could do with a good play now and again...

Max Phillips

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