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The Devil's Crown
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #5

The Devil's Crown

Ahem, how can I put this? If you're tired of gaudy, chunky sprites that turn funny colours when they pass over each other... if the very thought of forty rooms stuffed with killer fish makes you want to run and put your head down the toilet... if you've been collecting objects since your grandmother learnt to suck eggs... if I've already put you off, then a little polite advice: Push off... this is a great game.

Legend has it (the sort of legend you get on Mastertronic inlays) that pirates, having secured the Devil's Crown, try and remove the seven jewels thereon and are suddenly struck down by the devil himself. Their ship and its many treasures lies untouched until you, as a diver-come-submarine, attempt to recover the goodies. And just in case seven jewels is too easy, you've got to grab all sorts of stuff first to prove that you're up to the job.

You plunder and blunder your way round the brightly coloured and crowded rooms, avoiding the flashes or shooting them with any pistols you pick up. Keep a watch on your oxygen... replenish it from ye olde pirates' oxygen tanks that are scattered around. Pick up a lantern to light the darkened rooms. Collect the treasure and try and figure out what all the other junk does. And so on. I reckon you'll need a joystick and probably a colour set as well... it's just too hard in B&W or from the keyboard. Being able to carry only one object at once is the real clincher though... the game is hectic to say the least but not so hard, it's impossible. At £1.99, it could just be another jewel in your crown!

Max Phillips

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