A&B Computing

The Pokes Disc 2
By Mark Gidley
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 5.04

The Pokes Disc 2

Now this is great value and a vindication of looking at 'home produced' material on these pages. Regular readers will know Mark Gidley - he's the one supplying lots of pokes and special programs every issue.

Now he's started his own series of poke software - cheap discs containing loads of cheap programs for recent Beeb software. Of course it's a bit of a gamble - some are for tape versions when you might have the disc - but the value for money deal is unquestionable.

This, the second release, contains pokes for such programs as Boulderdash, Bonecruncher, Krakout!, Star Wars, The Living Daylights, Uridium, etc, etc. In short, more than 60 cheap pokes for seventeen games plus his own Easipoke program used on these pages.

If you hate typing in programs, if you only use one or two of these cheats, if you just want to support a dedicated gamester then send off for this today! The first issue should still be available and the next within the year.

I'm very impressed. I think you will be too. If I didn't get a free copy to review, then I'd send off my cheque today. What higher praise can a journalist give?

Dave Reeder

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