The Great Escape
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #74

The Great Escape

A classic Spectrum game. What more can I say? Well OK, that's only nine words and I need 300 - I'd better say some more! You may think The Great Escape is another boring 3-D style game, but Ocean made a really good job of putting this together, it's got a brilliant story line, lots to work out and do.

The setting is Germany in 1942. You've been captured and put in a high security Prisoner Of War camp. Your only hope is to attempt to escape using the objects dotted around the camp. This would of course be easy if the place wasn't surrounded by barbed wire, swarming with German guards and their fierce dogs who'd rip your leg off rather than lick your hand!

The graphics give the game an amazing sense of realism. You feel as if you're looking down on the camp from above, playing god by controlling one of the prisoners and watching the consequences of your actions - brilliant.

The Great Escape

You can't just walk around the whole camp until you find the correct objects to escape. You have a daily routine to follow along with the other prisoners. This involves attending roll call, breakfast and exercising. All this is supervised by guards and if you miss any of these events you will soon be caught and put in solitary.

You can get hours of fun out of The Great Escape just by going through the daily routine with the other prisoners. But with all the puzzles you need to solve to escape added too you will be occupied for hours.

Of course, you could always cheat and use the POKEs, tips, map and solution printed in earlier issues! Take it from me, this is brilliant!

Nick Roberts

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