Death Or Glory
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #47

Death or Glory

Yet again space is taken over by an invading enemy fleet. As usual, you are the only one who can take them on and save your civilisation from a fate worse than a wet Wednesday in Worthing. In a rare touch of realism, you have a limited fuel supply.

First encountered are the small fighter ships that buzz like an angry swarm about their mother ship. Your craft can rotate around its axis and move forward, sometimes colliding with enemy ships - and as long as your shield survives, this quickly crushes them, though it can knock you off course.

After you've carved a pathway through the enemy fleet, the awesome mother ship glides into view and can be destroyed with bombs from your limitless supply.


Death or Glory

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: attractive and imaginative
Sound: occasional booms

Nick … 58%

'Death Or Glory is an average shoot-'em-up. The graphics are pleasant (excellent shaded background, twinkling stars), the limited sound is enough and there's some fun to be had, despite difficult controls.'

Bym … 20%

'This could be rewritten as Death Or Boredom. The graphics are OK, the nasties aren't too nasty, the scrolling is alright, but talk about aimless missions... this isn't so much a shoot-'em-up as an actionless bomb-'em-down.'

Ben … 29%

'Death Or Glory has brilliant graphics, with some nice bas-relief, strangely jerk-less scrolling and the odd cute alien. But there's virtually no gameplay. Dispersing pretty bits of metal around space is fun, but the enemy force is pathetic; you're more likely to fall asleep than get killed.'

Nick RobertsBen StoneBym Welthy

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