By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #80


Far away, in a long lost galaxy is the planet Nemesis, a peaceful world that never did any one any harm, a world of Volvo driven. Now it's under attack from its old enemies. A nasty race from sub-space star cluster Bacterion. The only way to save the planet is to use the prototype hyperspace lighter, the Warp Rattler, piloted by you. You must duel to the death with the evil Bacterions and save Nemesis.

Nemesis is very 48K! Compared to some of today's shoot-'em-ups it looks like a piece of home grown software. The sound is the first thing that hits you: the squeaky tune is hilarious and the effects are not much better. The format is classic shoot-'em-up. You encounter a couple of waves of aliens then enter the cavern to battle it out against walking thingies and even more evil. At the end of each level you reach a big nasty to be destroyed. One thing Nemesis had when it first came out that all the others didn't was the chance to increase your weaponry. By collecting pods the aliens leave behind you can go up the scale at the bottom of the screen and when you come to a weapon you like you select it to add to your ship - amazing.

This is not a bad shoot-'em-up but has not stood the test of time very well. It may look terrible compared to today's efforts but if you're short on cash and after a bit of blasting fun, you could do worse.

Nick Roberts

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