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The Fury
By Martech
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer & Video Games #82

The Fury

"Fasten your Saver Being Harness for the Space Age Demolition Derby," says the blurb for Martech's latest release, The Fury.

In an attempt to thwart your right-to-left progress over the track, enemy cars appear and try to bump you off the road or continually drive directly in front of you to stop you from getting up to a halfway decent speed.

There are three types of race in all: Speed Trial (go as fast as you can), Killing Race (go as fast as you can and shoot a few cars while you're at it) and Tag Race, where one car is randomly selected as 'IT', and has to touch another car in order to rid itself of the tag.

The killing race is by far the most dangerous of the three, as although you can buy rockets and flame throwers to destroy the other cars with, your opponents are constantly trying to blow you away. To make matters worse, from time to time the screen will turn red and a targetting cross-hair will appear on the screen, and if you're not quick enough to avoid it, it'll lock onto you and Boom! It's all over for you, matey.

The weapons available to you come in all shapes and sizes, and generally the deadlier they are, the more cash you have to fork out for them. The flame throwers come in two sizes, one with a range of 8 metres and another with a range of 20, and although they're ideal for torching the other cars out of the race, they eat up your car's petrol like there's no tomorrow. Railguns are the standard form of weaponry and come already fitted to your car, but ammunition needs to be bought in order for them to function.

Although this all may sound jolly exciting in theory, it is in fact very dull in practice. I was very unimpressed with the graphics of the cars. They are small and poorly defined, and the amateurish scrolling fails to give any real impression of speed.

Last, but certainly not least are the Semi-guided missiles, which although they cost positively loadsamoney, are pretty devastating if used correctly, and can wipe out a whole group of opponent's cars with one shot.

Matt Bielby

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