TT Racer
By Digital Integration
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

TT Racer

Digital Integration has always had a name for producing professionally designed and programmed games. The Amstrad version of TT Racer will do nothing but enhance that reputation.

TT is a genuine motorcycle simulation in the mould of Firebird's excellent Revs. DI has gone to painstaking lengths to bring an air of authenticity not only to the program itself, but also to the comprehensive and well-produced documentation that accompanies the package.

Before each race you have the option of improving your default grid position (10th out of 12 starters) by clocking a fast practice lap. Although it's not obligatory, you are strongly advised to take advantage of the practice sessions as they give you a chance to get used to each track.

Tt Racer

If you are lucky enough to have a friend with an Amstrad you can link your two computers together via the RS232 port and then race against each other. The option screen lets you configure one Amstrad as the 'master' and the second as the 'slave'. The game is then laoded into each machine separately and away you go.

The pits areas appear as a solid yellow building at the start. When in a race of more than a few laps you'll need to pay them a visit to refuel and get new tyres. The number of times you do this will depend on the set up values you chose for your tyres before the race.

Although the tilting horizon is a little jittery the overall effect of driving TT is very realistic, making your head sway from side to side - driving you completely round the bend! A must for all lovers of racing games, simulations and professionally designed and programmed software.