Amstrad Action

TT Racer
By Digital Integration
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #19

TT Racer

This bike simulation uses the unusual method of connecting two computers through serial interfaces so that two players can play simultaneously.

There is an extensive menu of options. The first is to enter your initials. Second, you can choose the engine size of your bike, thus giving the class of race in which you will compete. Then there is Racing Competition, where you choose the skill level. This controls the speed of the computer-controlled bikes and the ease with which you will crash. Fourth is the track selection, where you may choose one of twelve circuits from around the world. Next you can choose whether you ride the tracks in listed order, or in the order in which they would be during a proper Grand Prix season. You can also choose whether to practise or compete.

The seventh option allows you to choose the number of players. However, unless your mate brings around his computer (or you have three miles of cable lying around) and you've both splashed out £50 on an RS232 serial interface, you will only be able to play single-player. You can also choose automatic or manual gears, and whether the display shows the road or your racing instrument.

Tt Racer

Each race involves 16 riders arid can be saved whenever you stop. During racing or practice, you can stop at the pits to refuel or change tyres.

Movement is very slow and jerky and I really dislike the moving horizon, the angle of which changes when you bank at a corner. Once again, the sound is the same brrrrrrrrrr you always get in racing games.

But if you want a bike-racing game, this is the better of the two in this issue by quite a long way, mainly due to the extensive options allowed.

Second Opinion

Tt Racer

Despite the jerky graphics I found this an enjoyable simulation. The key lies in its attention to detail, giving you mow feel of realism than 500cc Grand Prix. The computer opponents are more interesting and provide a reasonable challenge. It's not too convincing deciding when you crash, but that's just as wet! because it usually lets you get away with murder at high speeds.

First Day Target Score

Complete one circuit.

Green Screen View

The road ahead is clear.


Tt Racer

Graphics 67%
P. For a racing game, the bike depiction is good.
N. Very jerky and lacks detail.

Sonics 37%
P. Very standard and unexciting revs and crashes.
N. The music is mediocre.

Grab Factor 71%
P. With so many options there's a lot of initial appeal.
P. Very easy to drive.

Staying Power 59%
P. As with all racing games, there are always best times to beat.
N. Otherwise it lacks much challenge.

Overall 64%
The best Amstrad bike simulation so far.

Bob Wade

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