Super Cycle
By Epyx
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Super Cycle

Yet another racing game from the Epyx stable that has, in the past, brought you Pitstop and the brilliant Pitstop II. In terms of graphics and gameplay, Super Cycle offers very little to set the world on fire, but it is very playable despite the fact that cassette owners must continually rewind the tape to start a new game.

Once the main code has loaded you are asked to select one of three difficulty levels. Choice of level affects the time limit within which a track must be completed, as well as the amount you skid round the corners. The computer riders are also less aggressive on the lowest skill setting.

The bike's dashboard is a simple affair consisting of a speedometer, rev counter, and a column of lights that tell you which gear is currently selected. Control is by joystick or keyboard.

Super Cycle

Your 750cc bike will lean into each bend with your knee-guard only microns above the tarmac. You'll start to drift towards the outside of a bend if your speed is too ambitious for any particular bend. This can be particularly tricky when negotiating a bend and trying to overtake a computer rider at the same time.

Each successive track gets more difficult to complete with the addition of extra hazards such as road works, oil and ice patches, and sharper bends. Many tracks are also set against new graphical backdrops ranging from the cities to the country, via the desert and Cape Canaveral. Some tracks must be negotiated at night.

Overall, Super Cycle has travelled well from the C64 original. It is well programmed, with smooth track scrolling, good sprite design and animation and, most importantly, it is fun to play. If you want a no nonsence biker racing game with plenty of action, then look no further.