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Super Cobra
By Parker Brothers
Atari VGC

Published in Computer & Video Games #27

Super Cobra

When C&VG Games went to Munich to watch Andrew Brzezinski cruise home in the Senior Video Games World Championships we quickly realised that this guy knows a thing or two about a joystick.

We were so impressed that we signed him up on the spot to join the Computer and Video Games elite corps of games reviewers.

This month Andrew casts an expert eye over Super Cobra - Parker Brothers latest arcade clone.

You command a helicopter on flight through hostile enemy terrain - over hills, castles, tall buildings and through caverns towards your goal - a box of money waiting to be picked up.

There are twenty-two levels to be flown through each with its own hazards and enemies to be defeated.

The distance you have travelled is shown at the top of the screen by a row of rectangles filled in one by one as you progress.

Armoury is in the shape of an unlimited supply of bombs and missiles - though it is impossible to fire these simultaneously as in the arcade version.

Fuel is limited so you will have to bomb fuel dumps as you go to replenish your supply.

The U.F.O.s were a bit disappointing sitting completely stationary and making dumb noises - though they did become a bit more intelligent further into the game.

One good feature of the game is that it allows you to restart where you left off - rather than flying than flying through all the previous levels - though you will have to suffer the insult of playing at the beginners level to take advantage of this option.

If you succeed in your mission - you are congratulated and then sent back to the beginning with a new life as a bonus.

An interesting game to start with - although it became a bit boring after a while as it does not get progressively more difficult with each new mission.

The game is in the shops now at £29.95 from Parker stockists.