Street Hassle

Author: Nick Roberts
Publisher: Mastertronic Plus
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #74

Street Hassle

Oh wow, I remember reviewing this when it first came out in 1987: I loved it then and it's still a great game now. You play the hero who's got it into his head that everybody walking around the streets is an enemy. So what do you do with enemies? You beat them up! Old grannies, blind men, dogs and the odd gorilla all get the bunch of fives treatment in Street Hassle.

There are various moves you can practice on your enemies: the usual kicks and punches of all beat 'em up games are included, but there are extra ones - like a tickle to use on the dog! You shouldn't feel bad pulverising grannies though, because they all give as good as they get by hitting you with their umbrellas.

What really makes Street Hassle fun is when the characters shout and scream at you in speech bubbles while you hit them. Grannies for example shout 'BRUTE!' just before they pop off.

All the characters in Street Hassle are detailed, and the hero looks especially cool in his dark shades. It may seem easy beating up the people, but believe me, it's exactly the opposite. The grans get harder as you progress, and the blind men have got a wicked swipe on their white sticks!

All beat 'em up fans will enjoy Street Hassle. Still a great game three years on.

Nick Roberts

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