Personal Compuer Games

Star Force Seven
By Argus Press
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer Games #10

Star Force Seven

Your Emperor, Justin II, has sent you on a hazardous mission to save the Terran Empire from the evil Zurgs.

In a strategy game in the Star Trek mould you command Star Force Seven. You explore a 26-star galaxy and attempt to destroy the Zurgs' home planet or capture 25 planets to win.

The program loads in three sections which give you the instructions, your choices of game selection and the actual program. Once you've finished the second stage there's no way to alter the scenario other than to reload the tape.

This I discovered to my cost with the sound, which once selected hammered at my ears all through the game. It should be switched off if you want to avoid migraines.

Your first task should be to find an industrial planet and conquer it, otherwise you rapidly run out of energy and resources. This is most easily done by consulting your intelligence gatherers, spy ships and scout craft.

Having found an enemy industrial planet you can soften it up with a bombardment but this costs valuable energy. The next stage is for your fighters to go in and if these triumph your soldiers go to work.

Victory leads to a base for replenishing energy, fighters and men but the excitement of conquest is muted.

You may also attack enemy fleets and a display shows the number of ships on both sides and the progress of the battle.

The defence of the galaxy must be completed in twelve turns but you are awarded points for whatever you manage to complete.


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