Home Computing Weekly

Sports Hero
By Melbourne House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

Sports Hero is an athletics game with four events - the long jump, 100 metre sprint, 110 metre hurdles and the pole vault.

You start as a street runner and if you qualify in all events you can progress to a university scholarship and finally, to the Olympics team.

What makes Super Hero stand out is the excellence of the graphics. The animation of the athlete is smooth and realistic, while there is a detailed background of either graffiti-covered housing, students lazing outside an impressive university, or the Olympic stadium, depending on your level. A neat touch is that when you are a street runner the hurdles are dustbins. If you qualify the athlete punches the air in delight but if you fail he shakes his head in disgust.

Sports Hero

The instructions are comprehensive but omit to mention you must press Enter to start.

When entering your name at the start, the keyboard response is poor and sometimes refuses to register.

Sports Hero is an excellent game, my only doubt is whether its appeal will last after the novelty of the graphics has worn off.


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