Sinclair User

Space Zombies
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Sinclair User #14

Space Zombies


WE EXPECT you often wonder where space invaders go when they have been wiped from the screen by your Laser cannon or smart bomb. You may be surprised to learn that they are brought back to the living-dead and signed-on by MikroGen to take part in a new game for the 16K or 48K Spectrum, called Space Zombies.

It is for one or two players and can be played at slow, normal or fast speeds. The aliens look like space invaders but behave like Galaxians, swooping down and releasing their bombs. The aliens also loop the loop and vanish from the sides of the screen on several occasions.

The problem with the invaders is that they behave like real zombies - of the dumb kind - and would win no prizes on Mastermind. In some cases they line up waiting to be killed.

A player continues until a ship is destroyed by the zombies - then it is the turn of the second player. Space Zombies is an interesting and original game. It costs £5.95 and is available from MikroGen, 24 Agar Crescent, Bracknell, Berkshire.

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