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Firework Music
By Software Cottage
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #16

Firework Music


ALL SPECTRUM owners now have the chance to name that tune or, in this case, name that musical note with the Software Cottage Firework Music.

The software is part game and part adventure into education. You have to guess the name of a musical note which is drawn on the screen using high-resolution graphics. You cannot take all day with your guess, because a spark descending into a box of fireworks sets the time limit.

If you make a correct guess you are awarded one firework in the box. If you run out of time the spark will reach the box and all those fireworks will go off with a bang. During the game you can have three boxes of fireworks and if you collect sufficient rockets you will be treated to a display which would equal any on November 5.

The game can be easy. All you have to remember is the EGBDF and FACE lessons which are usually taught to every schoolchild.

Firework Music is an ideal teaching aid for young children learning the rudiments of musical theory. It also uses a good psychological approach with a rewarding display at the end of the teaching session.

The game is available from Software Cottage, 19 Westfield Drive, Loughborough, Leics., LE11 3QJ. It costs £5.

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