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Space Shuttle
By Activision
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

This is a very realistic simulation of a space shuttle flight. It has been designed after close consultation with NASA and incorporates many features. You are provided with a 31-page Flight Manual specifying how your fly the shuttle. This is very well produced and contains high quality colour pictures of the screen displays. A cardboard overlay is provided to customise the function keys.

There are three flight modes. Mode 1 gives a demo of a complete space flight, from take off to re-entry and touch down. During this you can exercise limited control via the joystick but the computer overrides errors so the mission is completed safely. In Mode 2 you have unlimited fuel and the onboard computers can take over. Mode 3 is a full fledged flight.

During launch the screen vibrates and shakes, on attaining the correct altitude you set up a stabilising orbit and try to dock with a satellite. You then start a de-orbit burn and attempt re-entry, finally touching down.

The flight simulator to end all flight simulators.


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