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Home Computing Weekly

By Mastertronic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #115

This is an off-road biking game where you do wheelies and jump over obstacles. There are eight courses to choose from, and a game consists of your choice of any three from the eight. A rather unique feature is that two people can compete simultaneously.

The program opens with some amusing credits and you choose your mode of play, that is, one or two players and one or two joysticks. Choose your three courses and you're off. The screen is split into two, a half for each player. The joystick, or keyboard, allows you to accelerate, jump and do wheelies as required, though the outcome is not always as required. I kept on falling off my bike after attempting jumps over buses etc.

The art apparently is to go fast over tyres, hedges and rows of barrels, to jump over the water, vans and buses but to go slow at brickwalls and gates.

Being a coward at heart I quite enjoyed racing round these courses crashing and falling off without really injuring myself. Also I didn't have the bother of having to clean the bike afterwards. This game is interesting and entertaining because its theme is different. The graphics are good and the two player facility means you don't have to take it in turns.

At the price I think this is very good value and is the sort you're likely to come back to again and again.


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