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Amstrad Action

Space Hawks
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Space Hawks

Remember those good old days knocking down waves of Galaxians? Well, that's what this one's about although it's got some new touches of its own. The waves come in eight varieties and they all bunch together at the top of the screen before some start swooping down towards your base at the bottom.

The aliens can be shot on their way down or in formation, but the latter method releases an indestructible piece of debris which you can shoot at for points or just get out the way. There are eight levels of the eight formations and as things get tougher, a space-mine appears which must be avoided. If you shoot it, it breaks into four deadly mines.

Good News

P. Challenging blasting against hordes of enemies.

Bad News

N. Single shot firing - timed or rapid fire would be better.
N. The overlapping graphics and explosions aren't up to much.