Short Circuit

Author: Julian Rignall
Publisher: The Hit Squad
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Computer & Video Games #97

Short Circuit

Number Five is alive! But not for very long if the authorities get to him first in this budget incarnation of Ocean's game-of-the-film. A two-parter, load one sees Number Five trying to break out of the Nova Robotics factory where he was assembled, solving puzzles using his in-built devices and newly-acquired intelligence, before he is shut down by the Nova engineers.

Part Two is a straightforward horizontally-scrolling shoot-'em-up, blasting the baddies with your laser and jumping over innocent woodland creatures.

While the first section of the game is a reasonably addictive arcade adventure, part two is much too difficult, requiring absolutely precise timing to avoid the many animals which get in your way.

Short Circuit

Number Five is recognisable from the movie, but the game itself makes little attempt to stick to the plot. The music is jolly, though.


The gameplay is almost identical, but monochrome graphics look crispier and add to the atmosphere.


Colourful sprites and backdrops have a realistic metallic sheen to them, and the music is as good as you can expect from the Amstrad. The game's the same, though.


A none-too-faithful film tie-in becomes a fairly playable budget game until you reach load two. It looks and sounds okay, but there's not much game to play...

Julian Rignall

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