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Your Sinclair

Shao-Lin's Road
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #57

Shao-Lin's Road

Here's a martial art you may never have heard of: Chin's Shao-Lin (it's secret, apparently). It would help if you did know a bit about it, though, as you've been trapped in a temple by the Triads (who are 'evil', no doubt). Fortunately, mastery of the technique seems to be mainly a case of waggling the joystick around and pressing fire. The game is played over three 'floors' on the screen and, along with the extra weapons, range of baddies etc., is a pretty standard affair.

Although it's getting on a bit (it must be coming up to its fourth birthday fairly soon). Shao Lin 's Road is tidily presented and modern-looking. All it's really lacking is a bit of variety. All the levels I reached were more or less the same, and as far as moves go there are only one or two. Hardly a spectacular little number, but quite neat at the price.

Jonathan Davies