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Seymour Goes To Hollywood
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #79

Seymour Goes To Hollywood

"Seymour is completely brilliant. It's packed with great graphics. It's got a kickin' soundtrack and it's very, very playable. 90%".

That's what the back of the inlay quite rightly quotes us as saying from the last time we reviewed it, so, er, it's only because it's being re-released that we've been sent it again. Following direct head-swap operations with the programmers of Dizzy, the people behind Seymour have made their main character a blob on legs and stuck him in a flip-screen arcade adventure Seymour has just been sent to Hollywood to star in his latest block-busting movie you see, the director has gone missing and only you can save the day. As ever, this is done by collecting objects and using them, or giving them to other characters, at the correct place.

"As ever"; those words rung round my head minutes after commencing play. I don't know about you but personally I'm growing a little weary of all these Codemasters arcade adventures - it's just that, especially puzzle-wise, they are all so similar. Obviously no one else agrees with me here, they always get rave reviews and sell like hot cakes. It's just that after the step forward of Slightly Magic, Seymour seems like a bit of a giant and somewhat Dizzy leap back. But If that doesn't bother you (and providing you can keep your eyes off the complete solution in the February issue) then there's at least three quid's worth of fun to be had here.

Rich Pelley

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