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Multimixx 5
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #78

Multimixx 5

Although these Multimixx collections seem to be reaching near Now That's What I Call Music Volume n proportions (where n is any real number), the one advantage (with Multimixx 5 at least) is that the ratio of good to bad games isn't reduced by the inclusion of a crap Kylie Minogue song. [Yer what? - Ed]

Monty On The Run

What I'm trying to say is that all three games on Multimixx 5 are curiously good. Monty On The Run gave a new meaning to the expression "well it's quite a good platform and ladders game really" back in 1985, markedly improving over the original Monty Mole theme. The challenge of the game is still based wholly on timing; whilst on the run to France, you have to negotiate Monty from one side of the screen to the other by way of jumping over baddies and avoiding things that squash you. You'll also need to chose five items at the beginning of the game. From playing the thing to death back in my early secondary school days (before Julian Flaks borrowed it), I seem to remember that you need the gas mask, axe, rope, jetpack and grenade. Julian Flaks never gave it back (the bast). Anyway, years on Monty On The Run is still enjoyable, even if it may look dated to the likes of you people. 80%

Auf Wiedersehen Monty

Heartbroken at losing my copy of Monty On The Run, you can imagine how delighted I was way back when, as if by magic, Auf Wiedersehen Monty appeared on the Speccy scene. More of the same it may have been but hey! Far improved graphics, both sprite-wise (there're lots more baddies) and scenery-wise (this time there is far more of a map just waiting to be explored), and far far improved sound (including bleepy (128K) national anthems for every new country you visit).

Once again Monty is still on the run. this time across Europe to Montos Island where he will be safe forever - at least until Impossamole, the absolutely last Monty game ever (this one was much better though). The countries are connected via a short plane journey so not only do you have to collect relevant objects. but also plane tickets as you go. All in all a great game, and one of my, and I later discovered Julian Flaks' favourite Speccy games ever. 89%

Jack The Nipper II

Jack and his family are on their way to Australia but Jack, not too keen on the idea, has jumped from the plane using his nappy as a parachute. Having landed in the jungle, it is Jack's intention to cause as much mischief as possible (which turns out to mainly consist of annoying the wildlife) without being caught and spanked by his Dad who is in hot pursuit.

So what we have here is another platform and ladders game, but one quite different from the Monty series. The main difference is that you can shoot things - it may not sound much but, when you think about it, it does vary the gameplay considerably. The graphics are also much larger and the map is positively huge - 192 flip screens to be precise. You'll have to explore all of this in order to solve all the puzzles, score maximum naughtiness and complete the game. Which will take you some time. I can tell you, but don't worry! You'll enjoy yourself to the end, exploring the scenery and watching what Jack gets up to (including the ritual picking of his nose every time you leave him for a while). 84%

And above all, you probably won't be able to wipe the smug grin off your face knowing what a bargain you've just picked up in the form of this compilation. Just don't forget to write a nice Thank You note to Gremlin once you've bought a copy.

Rich Pelley

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