A&B Computing

Second Sight
By Redwing Design
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.03

Second Sight

Now I've seen everything! Not really a game at all, Second Sight is a fortune telling program for the BBC which will provide randon 'answers' for 96 questions.

The program is neat, well-designed and does convey some of the atmosphere necessary to provide a 'mystic' element. Basically, you choose one of the questions and then concentrate on a panel of the twelve signs of the zodiac, pressing the Spacebar for the answer.

Can it be true? Well, that depends on your own beliefs of course but for an old sceptic like me it's all a bit of a giggle. However, who can tell whether the bizarre and seemingly inappropriate answer will not, at some future time, come true?

Unfortunately, you can't ask the program whether it is going to be a top seller. I don't think I need divination to work that out but Redwing have spotted a niche in the market and filled it well. Whether you fancy a giggle or a glance behind this as a computerised fortune teller. Assuming, of course, that you want one in the first place...

Dave Reeder

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