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Bun Fun
By Squirrel
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.03

A stationary squirrel introduces us to this colourful bit of fun down at Squirrel Software's very own Bun factory. The game is crude but quite enjoyable and will appeal to the younger age range especially. The graphics are attractive but not anything spectacular and, of course, the BBC is capable of much more.

The game represents a production line along which the plain buns travel waiting to be squirted with icing and topped off with a walnut. Apparently the other workers have gone fishing so it is up to us to do the complete job. At the start of the game we can limit ourselves to any time between one and five minutes and at the end we are given a score of Gudbuns and how much money we are currently earning per hour on the line.

The actual game is very easy to master but it is important to be selective with the squirting and walnut dropping since any waste takes its toll on the machinery and can eventually bung up the works entirely. The controls are simple enough: C to squirt icing, N to drop the walnuts. If you miss, you cause a nasty purple blob to appear on the factory floor and there is a correspondingly nasty sound effect.

All in all this program should appeal, with its humour and brash presentation, to the younger BBC user. It's certainly a departure from the more conventional games which abound for the BBC Micro.

Dave Reeder

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