Saint And Greavsie
By Grandslam
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #72

Saint and Greavsie

It's a funny old game: yep, the grinning Scot and the balding one who spouts amazingly unfunny catchphrases like 'funny old game' are here with yet another footy trivia game. The Idea is simple. Answer 42 questions, and the player with the highest points score wins the League Championship.

Enter the number of players, the names and the difficulty level (easy, medium or hard). You're then faced with a representation of a footy pitch, a fluctuating bar in the center of the screen and digitised piccys of the daring duo in the left corner. The idea is to press the fire button to choose a question type: Home (scoring 1 point), Away (2 points) and Derby (3 points).

You then see a player standing in front of a goal mouth. One of the terrible twosome appears to ask a question - sometimes you have the choice to play or pass, other times the question is a true or false. A timer on the right of the screen ticks down whilst you scan through three possible answers (except in true or false). Then a press on the fire button sends the ball winging its way to the goalie, of course if the answer is correct a goal is scored. Bonus points can be collected with you as goalie saving a hoofer from the computer. After each question (which supposedly represents a match), a league table informs you of your progress. It's then onto the next, and the next until a winner is announced (which is always you in one player mode).

Saint and Greavsie

What can one say? This game failed to spark any semblance of interest in any of us. The two grinning gits are my least favourite people at the best of times, but times must be hard if they're sponsoring this. Most multi player games are at least semi decent when played with friends - we had to nudge each other awake when it was the next person's turn. Do yourself a favour don't buy this.

MARK ... 30%

Nick ... 35%

'Oh come on, you must be joking. Grandslam can't have seriously made a game about two of the most boring people in the world. Even if you're a big soccer fan, I bet you couldn't stand them both nattering on and generally throwing insults at each other. The game is trivia style with some graphics, animation and the odd tune thrown in to cheer it up a bit. I'm afraid it fails miserably. The digitised pictures of the two gents are hardly recognisable (well perhaps if you squint and stand on one leg) and the animation and music is very basic. Not being a big fan of soccer in the first place (well not watching it, playing it perhaps) this game just doesn't interest me. If you are a big fan you may get some play out of it, otherwise leave it alone.'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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