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Amstrad Action

Roland Goes Digging
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Roland Goes Digging

Based on Space Panic, this game gives you the unusual task of digging holes for aliens to drop into so that you can kill them.

The action takes place on a single screen with five levels which are connected by randomly placed ladders. Little green aliens come in from the right hand side and wander around the levels.

You can dig holes in the floor into which the aliens fall and you can then knock them to their deaths for a cash bonus. If the aliens are left, they will pull themselves out, fill in the hole and turn red as they pursue you in high dudgeon. This will also happen if they fall into a partially dug hole when the only way to dispose of them is to drop them through two levels at once.

Later stages have more aliens and this makes it harder to complete the screen within the time limit imposed. Contact with an alien loses you a life but you can safely fall through any number of your own holes.

Good News

P. Frenetic action and fast reflexes required.
P. Increasing difficulty provides a challenge.

Bad News

N. Ideas and gameplay are old.
N. Screen layouts are very similar.
N. Dropping aliens through holes is all there is to do.