Home Computing Weekly

Revenge Of The Quadra

Author: A.W.
Publisher: Software Supersavers
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #130

With the demise of the Vic-20, it's nice to see some software houses bothering to produce new products. This game is one of the new breed of budget software and as such does itself proud.

It is a straight-forward shootem-up game with lots of nasty aliens who try to snatch humans from the bottom of the screen. Your task is to protect these humans. The majority of aliens gaily zip across the top of the screen. The occasional nasty, however, drops down and snatches a human.

You can redeem things by blasting the alien before it returns to the top of the screen. There are other nasties which simply drop down the screen and shoot you on sight. Each subsequent screen gets faster and much nastier.

This is a high speed action game for the real arcade enthusiast. There are some nice Minteresque graphical touches and the game has an excellent feel. This is one of the best VIC games I've seen for some time and at the price, unbeatable value. My one criticism is the almost total absence of instructions.


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