Amstrad Action

Red Scorpion
By Quicksilva
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #22

Red Scorpion

A vector-graphics attempt at a mix between Elite and Tau Ceti from Quicksilva. It's set on a planet where you've got to destroy the invading forces but avoid hitting the local buildings and ships.

Your can move the ship forward or backward or rotate it left or right. You have a choice of three weapons. Normally you have a laser, but with keys you can choose, arm, aim, and use a missile or a cruise missile. I think there is a bug in the aiming of the missiles, because wherever you place the cross, the missile still goes straight ahead.

Another option shows the power level of any incoming missiles. This is very slow, and to my mind totally unnecessary. The most useful option determines the identity of any object in your sights. Unfortunately, this, like all the options, will work only when you are still, and even then it is quite finicky Until you know the shape of the different objects on this planet by heart, you will need this option. Firing at anything that moves is, unfortunately, not something you can do in this game. If you hit something other than an enemy, like a farm for instance, your game will end due to "Destruction of Restricted Property." This happens far too much for my liking.

Red Scorpion

Different sight modes are also available. These vary from normal to ultraviolet light. In other words, you can see certain objects only with a certain sight mode. This is yet another annoyance: after playing this game for hours. I still have not been able to see a missile coming towards me.

Well, I hated this game. The vector graphics were drawn well and very quickly, but I think this causes options to be slow and cumbersome. The sound was not bad but was really just the usual fizz-pop you find in any shooting game. In conclusion, not a game for my collection!

Second Opinion

Like Terror Of The Deep, this is a shoot-'em-up that has lost its way. You can't complicate a shoot-'em-up with too many controls and options. It becomes too confusing. The action should be fast and instinctive rather than involve constantly fumbling for the right option. They should have either plumped for straight action or split the strategy off into a separate section like the trading in Elite. A shame, this, because it had potential.

Green Screen View

Vectors show up well. No problems.

First Day Target Score

10,000 points.


Graphics 65%
P. Vectors are quite detailed (as vectors go).
P. Quick drawing adds to the game's speedy action.

Sonics 67%
P. Realistic [How do you know? - Ed]

Grab Factor 51%
P. Many different objects to study.
N. Annoying "Destruction of Restricted Property."

Staying Power 54%
P. Many different options to use.
N. Slow response-time makes it hard to persevere.

Overall 53%
Nice try, but no cigar.


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