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Armageddon Man
By Martech
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #26

Armageddon Man

You play the Supreme Commander in the year 2023. You have the task of not only keeping the peace between the 16 countries of the world but also achieving good working relations with them while keeping military and economic stability. A tough task which demands much thought but few quick responses! Not a game tor action addicts.

The screen is split into a map and an icon area. The map covers the whole world. The icon area contains six icons, the first of which is the information icon. This option allows you to view the levels of food, resources and missiles that each of the 16 countries has. By doing this, you can see which countries you should send directives to.

The communication icon allows you to look at letters sent to you from other countries. You can also send directives from here. A directive might be to ask Canada to send 10 resource units to China, or for a country to build up its missile stocks. They won't always agree, you can but try.

The Armageddon Man

The satellites icon allows you to place satellites in geostationary orbit around the world. The satellites are either "Big Bird" recon sats, or "SDI" Laser sats. Recon sats keep an eye on countries, while SDI sats can lessen the effects of a nuclear attack if it happens. The Radio icon allows you to search the air waves for transmissions from other countries.

The UNN forces icon lets you send armies into any country. This can have a quieting effect, but you don't overstay your welcome. This is certainly a new idea for an arcade adventure, but one which I found boring and difficult, not only to get into but also to keep interest in.

Altogether I found this game quite interesting. There is little action, but at least the reactions are realistic. It's really like a game of chess, with the future of the world depending on it. Lifelike? Possibly. Anyway, I like it, but rarely feel in the mood to tax my brain against 16 countries intent on Defcon 5.

Second Opinion

The Armageddon Man

My hopes were high for this one. If sounded just my cup of tea, all this high-powered diplomacy. There were certainly plenty of options and I enthusiastically tried to solve the world's problems. However, you don't seem to get much positive response from your actions. It is possible to get somewhere in the game, but I would have appreciated a good action being more clearly recognised and rewarded. I suppose it's realistic in the way you're not always sure you've done something right or not, but that's its major problem for me.

Green Screen View

No difficulties.

First Day Target Score

Decipher a message.


Graphics 56%
P. Clearly defined icons and map.
N. No animation and few colours used.

Sonics 38%
N. Nothing fab.

Grab Factor 66%
P. Six options to use.
N. Seems aimless at first.

Staying Power 73%
N. Difficult to keep the peace.
N. War strategy is needed too.

Overall 61%
P. A good strategic wargame.
N. Very expensive.


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