Plan B
By Bug Byte

Published in Computer & Video Games #67

Plan B

Oh no, I thought when this latest effort from Bug-Byte dropped through the letterbox. More nasty Mode two-type graphics, sluggish sprites and poor screen response to grapple with.

But I was wrong. At last, Bug-Byte has come up with the goods, Plan B might not be epic arcade action, but in terms of graphics it's a million times better than anything else I've seen from the Bug-Byte stable.

The scenario is simple. You control a war done who must destroy the rogue central computer inside the Togrian computer complex, fighting off the guards in the process. You must find the keys which open the doors in the complex, and finally make your escape.

Plan B

And it's slick! It's lively! Above all, it's fast! Even the sound tends to add to the excitement.

You lose energy and ammo as you battle your way through the game, but both can be recouped. The complex is like a huge maze, in design vaguely reminiscent of Repton, but none the worse for that. There's a high score table so you can measure your progress.

Plan B is a lightweight game but it's fun to play, and very classy compared to previous Bug-Byte offerings. Definitely worth it at £2.99.