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Home Computing Weekly

Pilot-Plus 64
By John Wiley
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #86

At last, new language packages are appearing for the C64. This package is a nice implementation of Pilot. Pilot is a language developed for computer-assisted learning, and as such is of value to teachers and educationalists.

This package offers Pilot with a range of extensions for the use of the C64's sound and other features. Hi-resolution graphics are not directly available, but low resolution plotting is offered. Overall the package offers the features of Basic plus a lot more. A good feature is the editor which includes bi-directional scrolling and many tool kit commands.

One bizarre aspects is that using two simple commands you can alternate between Pilot and Basic, each editor supporting its own language. Hence, if you wish to enter a hybrid Pilot/Basic program, you must remember to switch to the right editor at the right time. A little confusing, but works well enough.

Overall, an excellent package giving a flexible and useful high-level language. This is enhanced by the ability to combine Pilot/Basic/Machine code. I can highly recommend it.


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