Your Sinclair

Pi-R Squared
By Mind Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #23

Pi-R Squared

The idea of being able to enter your own head and literally collect your thoughts appeals to someone like me who spends his entire life drifting from one day-dream to another!

Our hero, Professor Storm, can't afford to day-dream - his big day is at hand. He's facing his important television debut, a lecture on geometric solids for the Open Polytechnic. The studio is hushed, the credits begin to roll and... panic!! His mind is a total blank. Only one thing for it - he has to get inside his own head and sort those stray thoughts out.

This isn't as easy as you might think. The Prof's brain is full of distractions: thoughts about ice cream, molecules, and other thingies get in the way, often reducing his IQ (life) level. While he collects the scattered formulae (in the correct order) all these distractions have to be avoided by skillful movement around the cogs and gears of his complicated brain.

Pi-R Squared

Well that's the scenario. The game itself is another 'collect and dodge' multi-level arcade adventure, just substitute the platforms and ladders for wheels and cogs. The program is enjoyable and addictive. I often felt myself wanting just another go - the sign of a great bit of software.

The presentation is original I don't think I've seen the idea of spinning 'cogs' before, and the way the screen is drawn and characters animated (all beautifully done) all lend it a fair bit of style.

All in all, I found this game to be simple to play but hard to put down, the best Mind Games offering for quite a while. If you fancy tidying your brain, get Pie R Squared and you're on your way. One niggle though, it's a mite overpriced at £7.95. £4.99 would have been nearer the mark chaps!

An original 'collect and dodge' arcade mind stretcher. The best thing Mind Games has released for years. Bit pricey though.

Tony Worrall

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