Author: Nick Roberts
Publisher: Encore
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #70


Hey, what's this, a simulation of my brother on a Sunday morning? Sorry no, this paper boy actually delivers the papers and doesn't lose the Sunday magazines! Yes this is a simulation of a paper round, but that doesn't mean the game is totally boring. You must ride your bike through the streets dodging cars, cats, remote controlled buggys trying to deliver the papers. The buildings smoothly scroll diagonally past in monochrome and you should deliver to the places displaying a Sun sign outside. If you fail to deliver their paper they'll cancel the subscription and you may lose your job. If you manage to get past the street you go on to a practice track where papers must be thrown at targets and ramps jumped to give extra points.

Graphically Paperboy is very good: the buildings, cars and main sprite are all faithful to the arcade machine and the animation is O.K. Unfortunately the game can get very frustrating when you fall off the kerb and get run down, or get set upon by a mad roadworker! Soundwise it's very 48K, so all you 128K owners had better not expect a masterpiece, but spot effects and various jingles keep you happy. Despite the odd annoying mishap Paperboy is playable and will keep you occupied for some time.

Nick Roberts

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